10 best houseplants for beginners

Houseplants are one of the best additions to spruce up your house, especially during these stay-at-home times. They purify the air, add a pop of color to your decor, help you stay connected with nature, and leave you feeling happy.

Whether you’re a first time plant parent or someone who just wants to add more plants without the burden of spending too much time caring for them, there are so many plants just for you! It can be overwhelming going to a plant store not knowing which one to pick and also not wanting to kill them, I know I’ve been there. So, here are some really low-maintenance houseplants to get you started on your plarenting journey…


Jade Pothos | Roshni Karthikeyan

Also known as devil’s ivy, money plant, marble queen (variegated kind), this is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. This is a great plant for a beginner due to its very forgiving nature. Water it once or twice a week depending on how dry the soil gets between waterings. Show it off with its pretty hanging creepers or teach it to climb on a trellis for an even prettier look.

ZZ plant

ZZ Plant | Roshni Karthikeyan

This is another plant that’s very hard to kill. Growing even in drought conditions and surviving in any kind of lighting, the ZZ plant is quite indestructible.

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

Chinese Money Plant | Roshni Karthikeyan

Chinese Money Plant, also commonly known as Pilea, is a really fun alternative to the pothos. Its circular leaves add a fresh look to the space. Place it in indirect sunlight as the leaves tend to burn with too much exposure to the sun. Water it when soil feels dry or look for droopiness in the leaves.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant | Roshni Karthikeyan

The Jade plant, also known as money tree or lucky plant, is a succulent. It can tolerate drought conditions and high amounts of sunlight. Sometimes the leaves even turn a beautiful shade of pink during peak summers. However, it’s easy to keep this plant even in less sunny places like Seattle where it still thrives on minimal light when placed on a bright windowsill.

Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant | Roshni Karthikeyan

This is a cute little succulent that will add character wherever you place it — your desk, windowsill, or bedroom. Its fleshy, zebra-striped green leaves make it appealing to everyone. But, don’t be fooled by the fancy appearance, it’s real simple to care for. Place in a spot with indirect sunlight and water it when the soil is dry. They also tend to flower in the summers depending on the conditions by shooting out a long, slender stem with multiple white-pink buds.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily | Roshni Karthikeyan

This elegant looking plant does well with moderate sun and water. It flowers when the temperatures are warmer but thrives year round adding more beauty to your home. But be sure not to overwater as these don’t like sitting in the water very much. Water it twice or thrice a week in the summer or as the soil feels dry to the touch or when the plant feels slightly droopy.


Sansevieria | Roshni Karthikeyan

Sansevieria, also known as Snake Plant, has stunning fin-like leaves adding a pop of different vibrant shades of green to the space. This hardy indoor plant is quite forgiving and adapts to different growing conditions. Place it in a spot with medium light and water when soil is dry to touch.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig | Roshni Karthikeyan

You must’ve seen this trendy plant in many decor magazines or interior decor posts on Instagram. It really does look that pretty up close as well. Grab a big floor plant or a smaller one if you like watching it grow as high as your ceiling. They do well with medium light and water. Check the soil surface and water when dry.


Monstera | Roshni Karthikeyan

There are so many varieties of Monstera, each one as pretty as the other. Get a huge floor plant or a baby plant for your windowsill, there’s no going wrong with this. They grow relatively slowly and thrive in indirect or medium light. Water when the surface soil is dry. Sit back and enjoy their picturesque leaves.


Fittonia | Roshni Karthikeyan

Fittonia, also known as nerve plant, is a great plant for those who tend to overwater their plants, as it loves water. This tropical plant loves humidity, so feel free to mist those leaves. It thrives on indirect sunlight and makes for a great addition to your bedroom decor.

Now head over to your local plant store and get your hands on one of these beauties!