Only a video call

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

Gray clouds
hover over me
on a bright spring day
in Seattle.

I read the news
of COVID deaths in India
as chills run down my spine.
What is happening to my country?

Eight thousand miles,
twenty-four hour flight away,
I fight the urge
to argue with friends and family
for taking it light.
Masks hanging on their chins
like an old saint’s beard
as they step out of their homes again.
What’s the excuse now?

I fight the urge
to argue,
for I’m only now a video call.

I want to scream
pull your mask up,
don’t go out,
there’s no obligation
to go to that wedding,
or that funeral.
You can celebrate your festivities
without gathering with family,
there are people dying out there!

I bite my tongue
and chew my words,
for I’m only now a video call.

Vaccines save lives,
Your doctors and nurses
are human too
with families much like your own.
Vaccinate and isolate,
now’s your chance to be a hero.
Netflix and chill to save lives.

And again,
I clench my jaw
and choose a cheery tone,
for afterall, I’m only now a video call.