My journey with diet culture, body image, what I learnt and unlearnt

I realized that the number on the scale would never make me any happier because I was only constantly going to try to push that “goal weight” and keep myself from eating foods that I loved just to achieve that goal.

Only a video call

Gray cloudshover over meon a bright spring dayin Seattle. I read the newsof COVID deaths in India as chills run down my spine.What is happening to my country? Eight thousand miles,twenty-four hour flight away,I fight the urge to argue with friends and familyfor taking it light.Masks hanging on their chinslike an old saint’s beard asContinue reading “Only a video call”

The Pandemic and my Purple Suitcase

It all settled like dust, quickly and quietly. That discomfort of seeing nothing but the inside of your home, of weeks and months merging into one long day, the neverending cycle of your dayjob, cooking, cleaning, laundry with no real break to differentiate them eating at us slowly.

Paid attractions to visit in New York City

Like I said in my post about free things to do in NYC, there’s a ton of stuff you can do in New York that might break your bank a teeny tiny bit! However, that doesn’t mean these aren’t fun experiences. Think of NYC and comes to mind is the big buildings, bagels and coffeeContinue reading “Paid attractions to visit in New York City”