Tips for having the best time in New York City

Summer is a wonderful time to hit all those places that are otherwise overcast and covered in snow, especially New York City. Stunning views, longer days, and so many places to visit! It’s always a challenge adapting to life in this fast-paced city. Here are some tips that will help you get around New York City hassle free, especially in the summers.

Public transit: NYC is one of the busiest cities in the world! So it’s not the wisest idea to depend on your car to get around the city, unless you do like getting stuck in traffic. The city has wonderful metro train network that will get you everywhere and I mean everywhere! Buy a MetroCard that suits your travel plans the best. I got a 7-day card for $33 for my 4-day trip. The cost per ride gets cheaper the more you use it. 13 trips = $2.53/ride, 15 trips = $2.20/ride, 20 trips = $1.65/ride. This is really the cheapest and most efficient way for you to get everywhere and not waste valuable time stuck in traffic.

Hydrate: Staying hydrated is one of the things many of us forget when we travel. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative to stick to our daily water intake! The best way to do this is to get a hydration pack and stuff it in your backpack. If you already have a hiking backpack that comes with a hydration pack, even better. Bring this bag with you, fill it up at your hotel and carry it everywhere. Added bonus: helps you stay hands-free. No hassle of getting your bottle from your bulky bag and wrestling with your belongings in public.

Cash: I know, I know – who even carries cash these days, right? But trust me on this, NYC has a lot of small local shops (remember all those coffee cart/bagel scenes from just about a bajillion movies?) that offer a lot to everyone, especially us travelers. Always carry some cash because these small local shops may accept only cash. It also makes your pitstops super quick if you have exact change. Added bonus: helps with tipping, pay your tour guide, and more. 

Shoes: It’s fun to wear fancy shoes and feel so good but it’s equally important to pack something comfortable. I always love exploring a place by walking and this is especially unavoidable for NYC — from running to board the metro to walking all around be it in Central Park or all those wonderful museums. Wear versatile sneakers or pack a pair of comfortable shoes that will let you enjoy walking without having to tend to blisters or discomfort.