Two is company, one-by-two is friendship : A tale of two Chaivanists


Hope you liked the clumsy yet memorable encounter with tea sommelier in my last post. This blog post is a guest article by my dear friend, former colleague and a true fellow CHAIVANIST!

Our mutual love for tea was the sole reason we noticed each other in a place that had thousands of employees strutting around the office premises all through the day.

She was one the first few to be extremely excited about my blog idea, firstly, because it was about tea and secondly, because we had our first conversation over a glass of  chai! I did not waste time in asking her to contribute and share our story for my post. Also, some relief from my rants would definitely be welcome change for you all! So here it goes…

Tea Traditional chai cups from the street vendors in Chennai.

It was that time of the year again in the…

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