“Times are changing, and people too”

Somehow found comfort in this quote, irrespective the situation. You’re positive, the quote calls for a reality check. You’re negative, the quote calls for a little pep talk. And like all things, there’s a grey area, the in-between, the funzone for chaos.
Somewhere in those six words lies an inexplicable mixture of hope and pain. Both at once. Quite intriguing, yes.
This has been the go-to piece of advice for quite some time now. Now, more than ever.
Nobody can be without any people connection. It’s a means of survival…to be surrounded by people. There’s no point mulling over lost relationships of any kind, for that’s not going to change facts. Times are changing. Anything bad is bound to go away. People? Pfft. If times can change, why can’t people! That’s nothing worthy of worrying. It’s all going to change and good things are just around the corner.
Nobody can live without people connections. It’s a means of survival…to be surrounded by people. A great feeling indeed, to have someone who has your best interests in mind. But beware, for times change. There’s no point getting carried away with just about anything. When times can change, why not people? Stay cautious. You never know what’s lurking around the corner!
Nobody can live alone. Everyone needs at least one person to hang around. After all, it’s a means of survival! Then why do we feel like our heart is ripped out when one person changes? People are people. You know they keep changing. Bollocks! No. That doesn’t help at all. How does it become acceptable just because of the fact that they change? It doesn’t. It’s unacceptable. You look for closure. Anything to the situation becomes bearable. Confrontation? Yes. Fight? Mostly. Yelling match? Maybe. Outright begging? Sometimes. Something ought to give closure. You’ve sought all plausible explanation. Nothing works? “Times are changing, and people too.” There, comfortable?